5 Benefits of Buying Your Investment Property From A Wholesaler In Edmonton

Buying an investment property from an Edmonton real estate wholesaler is one of the best ways to ensure you will make a profit. Learn about the many benefits in our latest post!

Do you want to buy a house in Edmonton? Whether you are an investor or a private buyer, working with an experienced and local wholesaler will help you find the right property at a great price. Many people think wholesalers are just after a quick buck, but that’s not always the case. Many wholesalers, such as Titanic Properties simply love real estate, negotiations, and finding amazing deals. However, we don’t care to own the properties ourselves. By working with Titanic Properties, you will be able to save both time and money, while finding a great house to call your own! Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits wholesalers can offer!

Save Time

Working with a wholesaler will save you an abundance of time. They do all the work while you reap the rewards. They do it all from selecting the best properties, running the numbers, and even helping you with management options after the purchase. When you work with the right investor, they will be able to offer you information about a number of properties and insights into the local Edmonton real estate market… information it would have taken you ages to acquire on your own. Take advantage of having all the numbers run for you. A wholesaler will look at a property’s value, cost, income, vacancy rates, and more, providing it to you in a concise, yet detailed report.

This image clearly details the wholesaling process. There is plenty of work involved in securing a property for a real estate investor looking for an Edmonton income property.

Save Money

It’s no secret that people buy from Edmonton property wholesalers in order to save themselves a bunch of money. When you work with an Edmonton wholesaler, you are working with someone who knows the local real estate market and how to find the best deals available. By utilizing their services, you will likely be able to save much more on the purchase than you would have on your own!

Choose From Many Properties

A great wholesaler will have multiple properties to choose from, but this will depend on market conditions and seasonal tendencies. They will work with a wide array of sellers, always offering different types of deals. Whether you are looking for a fixer-upper or a turn-key property, they can find it for you! They are usually trying to sell as quickly as possible, so check in often as inventory and opportunities are always changing. If there is something specific you are looking for, a wholesaler will likely be able to help you find it.

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Local Experience

Local wholesalers have seen it all when it comes to the Edmonton real estate market. They will be able to offer expert analysis based on experience. Wholesalers are involved in a great number of deals, allowing them to learn all kinds of things about the real estate business. They meet and network with a lot of different people and will be able to provide you with all the information you need about not only the Edmonton investment property but the local area too. Typically, a wholesaler thrives on finding great deals. In turn, you save time, effort, and money.

There is no replacement for having a boots on the ground wholesaler searching for investment properties. They have a local network filled with contacts from property managers to trades to mortgage brokers and realtors.


A top wholesaler in Edmonton will be well connected in the area. They will have relationships with banks, lenders, contractors, and management companies. A great wholesaler will be able to provide you with everything you need to quickly turn your Edmonton property purchase into an income-producing asset. Because of the many deals wholesalers are involved in, they meet lots of people. As such, they are able to connect you to many people in the industry that can be of assistance to you as an Edmonton area investor.


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